Ghost in the toilet ! Muslim Preist helps,peforms puja.For the ghost or toilet?.Not sure!

Madikeri March 22, 2006

The girls going to their toilets fall unconscious here. They behave strangely and run towards the boys’ toilet and shout, “my name is Pramila. You are all urinating upon me. Stop this”.

The teachers in the Hakattur primary school near Madikeri have been experiencing this kind of an incident and behavior being repeated by girl students since about ten years. Head masters are aware of it. Education department is aware of it. However, none cares for it.

Lethargic attitude from the concerned has led the public to take some action. Three girls repeated the same action between this 15th and 17th. A Muslim priest carried out a pooja yesterday and has promised that such incident will not recur for another 14 years.

While a section says that the toilet might have been built on a muslims samadhi, others questions why the girls are mentioning the name of a Hindu , Parimala.

The villagers express unhappiness over the silence by the education department. They complain that the victim students were taken to neither doctors nor psychiatrists.

Source : Shakti Daily

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