Dr.Gregg Cox develops script for Coorg Language

Coorg Cox

Madikeri: Kodavas and Kodava-related issues have been in the news. Be it inventing a new script for the Kodava language or determining the origin of the Kodavas through DNA tests. Reactions, barring a few individuals and organisations, have been few in comparison with the slew of write-ups that have appeared in the media.

Efforts were made in the past by some to devise a script for the Kodava language. They include script by the late Iychettira Muthanna, who has authored books in Kodava, Kannada and English. But, a reluctant Kodava society did not pay much heed to it.

The “Coorgi-Cox Alphabet,” now devised by a German multi-linguist, Gregg M. Cox, is in the news in Kodagu, of late. The 34 alphabets and a double vowel in addition, make an interesting sight. How Dr. Cox, who speaks 64 languages and whose name has found a mention in the Guinness Book of Records, formulated the alphabets, is now known to many. A few say Dr. Cox must be complimented for his efforts to bring out photographs, compact discs and even introducing a contest to popularise the script at his own cost.

Source : The Hindu

36 thoughts on “Dr.Gregg Cox develops script for Coorg Language

  1. aiyappa

    this script would be interesting…. it would an unique script for coorg – the unique guys… not many guys- mostly the young generation are not in sync with the coorgi script… hope this unique new script would enable all the coorgs through out the world to learn the dialect and communicate with it

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  2. Cariappa

    I refuse to accept it ….cause it does make any sense for me to accept the script developed by some german when we have coorgs like Mr.Muthanna who has already developed it….i refuse to accept in now and will refuse to do so for ever

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  3. Dakshith Thimmaiah

    A script for r language is great….., but gettin it to de notice by all coorgs, n makin dem accept somtin new may be a dauntin task, n may require lot of publishin…..

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  4. Gregg Cox

    I would like to thank everyone for both their positive and negative comments. It should be known that I created this alphabet out of love for the area and its people, and at the request of many from Coorg during one of my stays. The response has been simply amazing. I have received letters and cards written in the new alphabet and have even been told of several classes teaching it. Currently a dictionary and a phrasebook are being developed in the new script. (Which will be distributed for free) In addition to the dictionary and phrase book mentioned, a set of school books are also being developed.

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  5. Arjun Muthanna

    This is a very progressive step.
    Every language has to have its own script to be nurtured, identified,associated and taken forward.

    Many of the young generation of Coorgs, dont know to how to read and write in kannada(a sizeable diaspora born and residing out of Karnataka)and phonetically speaking,the kannada script is not 100 % fool proof to be used for Coorg Language. If the Coorg-Cox script is easy and more improvements are being done(adding a dictionary and a phrase book ),this is surely gonna be a very big enhancement and contribution.
    If i am not wrong, no linguistic has contributed so much before.

    I hope Dr. Gregg Cox must have kept those points in mind and devised a script. It’ a very generous gesture on the part Dr. Gregg Cox. He will be always remebered with warmth for such a unique and necessary contribution to Coorg Language.

    PS: With due regards to Cariappa’s comment on the script…” I am unsure if Mr. Muthanna, has devoted considerable time and resource to develop and popularise the script, the way Dr. Gregg Cox has. “

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  6. nelson

    Great effort! But I have a question. Do we have a right to develop a new script for any sheduled languages? do we have a option in the 8th shedule?
    It would be good if we keep the existing Kannada writing system which most of the Kodavas are used to reead and write. We need to think of the extra two vowels (I have done a phonologycal analisis of Kodavathak in 2006)which we are not able to represent. Why don’t we think of creating/modifying/accepting the writing system.
    If there is a place for publishing the paper I would freely give.

    Kodavathak research and development team.

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  7. Mithun

    I have been all my life out of Coorg and i believe that a sizeable populace today resides out of coorg. I am been heavily bilingual. And my Coorg language is not as good as of my cousins and other coorgs who reside in coorg. I would have loved if the script would have been in Roman/Latin, as i like a generation of mine am much well versed with english and the such a script would have helped my pen down Coorg Language better.
    I hope Dr.Gregg Cox is listening. Many thanks to his great effort. :em69:

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  8. rekha thammaiah singh

    Thanks to Dr.cox. I don’t know to & write but can speek fluently in kodava thak compared to my cousins who stay in Banglore & Mysore even though i am married to a non-coorg i have not forgotten my values & principles.Today’s kodava youth are not at all intersted in speaking or learning to talk in kodavathak &its entirely the fault of their parents. I always wanted my kids to learn to speak but could not as i no relatives near by. Inspite of this they understand what i speak. I would like the youth of coorg to please come forward save the culture & promote the language & values of a coorgs. iwould like to learn the new script which will be our own.

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  9. Mapanamada Aiyappa

    Heartly thanks to Dr.Gregg Cox who has made a hardly effort for the Kodava people
    which was essential for the kodavas.
    Once again thanking you
    – South Coorg.

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  10. Paddy Kuttappa

    The best part of a language without a script,Coorg for example, is it can be written an any language but understood only if it is dictated to a Coorg.But anyway Doc ,i like your style.YeeeeHaaa!!

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  11. Erron

    Isn’t it great to learn something new?!!! Dr.Cox is my brother, and I know that he worked very hard on this. Words cannot express how proud I am of him.
    It may take a little time for this alphabet to live up it’s full potential, so please be patient.

    If you don’t like it, you don’t have to learn it. Eventually you’ll fall behind everyone else.

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  12. Common Sense

    Wouldn’t it be much more sensible to use a currently used alphabet (like Kannada, Malayalam or Devngri with some modifications) since then it will be easier for people to read other languages? (and the fact that people already know these scripts and no new learning required). Plus this alphabet is not unicode so you cant write it on a computer without going into other character set.

    Seems like this is a creation of a Script Barrier. If it increases the literacy rate (like Ol Chiki for Santali) it might be good.

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  13. Lokesh Vijay

    A humble appreciation for the efforts Mr.Cox. Would like to stay neutral on my views. May i have some insight on the research for the development & support of the same & some light on the claim if based on history of origin of Kodava community.

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  14. ratee apana

    Much appreciation for your efforts Dr Cox. I recall my elders saying we did have a lipi that was not used and hence lost. I believe it is the same lipi that is found on ancient stones discovered in Coorg. Do you or anyone have any knowledge of it? Is the new script based on this? Incidentally Gen C always reminded us we are Coorgs not coorgis.

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  15. Tuskerwoods

    Great effort and thanks to this gentleman for his efforts in making a unique script for the kodavas.. Must see hows its going to be received among the learned circles…?

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  16. Bollera Shimpa Ponnappa

    Hey its very nice to know about…Heartly Thanks to Mr Cox for having such a great impression on Coorgs…it even adds one more star for Kodavas…. But need to make optimum use of it…..!!!!!

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  17. Ballaranda Nithan Aiyappa

    Its a Proud to All Kodavas to have our own script.
    I wish this should be practiced in schools n colleges of Coorg, and every one should be aware of our own Script.

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  18. ganapa chendrimada

    firstly i would like to thank Mr Gregg Cox to his great effort in making a unique script for the kodava community.

    Its a Proud to All Kodavas to have our own script.
    hope the fellow kodavas accept it & supports this to impliment it…………..

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  19. vinay ganapathi

    A script for r language is great….., but gettin it to de notice by all coorgs, n makin dem accept somtin new may be a dauntin task, n may require lot of publishin…..

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  20. kartik anang

    While it is very appreciable that Mr.Cox has taken so much effort to create a whole script altogether, it amuses me that it seems to have more acceptance than the script supposedly formulated by a Kodava himself.
    Personally I believe the people are already a fine example of those who love and protect their culture. It would be a wiser move if more efforts were taken to develop the literature part of the language than to waste time cooking up a new script. Separatist attitudes not being considered.

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  21. Kusum Nehru Mallangada

    I came across this in this thread by Nelson says: ” Kodavathak research and development team’??

    CAN Nelson enlighten me what is this team ” Kodavathak research and development team’ all about? Many i checked with my contacts and they have not heard about your team? Where are you based at? what are your findings on Kodava Script ? any publications so far? Any URL/ Links we could refer to? Could you please send the details to me..!

    Kusum Nehru Mallangada

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  22. Kusum Nehru Mallangada

    Does anyone have a copy of Late (Iychettira) I.M. Muthanna’s kodava script? Or for that matter any Kodava script that is developed by a Kodava / Kodavathi? If so, it would be nice if they can upload the link here or write to me : Kusum@komfortfoundation.com,. This apart, does anyone know Mr. Bacharaniyanda P. Appanna? It would be a good idea to contact him on this matter for Kodava Script… can someone give some lead / information on him?

    On the contrary , We have world renowned scholars among us …all that Kodavas need is “Motivation” and “Dedication’ ..We Kodavas too can come up with something on the similar lines of a script to learn Kodava thak for our younger generation, sure it will work too! A small group of people can definitely bring about a change, soon the rest can follow….this small group can study the script and then start tutoring the parents and the younger generation at Kodagu under Primary school category as a 3rd language. I don’t need to get into the details of how to go about it, we don’t need to be intellectuals, but sure enough we are all intelligent enough to understand what I mean here and how it could be implemented.

    Now the question of a deadlock.” Who is going to bell the cat” its easier said than done…!!!

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