MLC Arun Machaiah Lambasts officials.

MLC Arun machaiah addressed a village development meeting near Virajpet and alleged that the official delay is hampering the development of the district.

Continuing his talk in Maggula village yesterday, he lambasted the officials and said that lakhs of rupees sanctioned for the development was returned, as the funds could not be utilized on time. He alleged that rupees 440 lakhs out of the 910 lakhs meant for the development of roads in the district was returned and rupees rupees 88 lakhs released for the development of Makutta road remains unspent due to official lathery and irresponsibility.

He assured that he will appeal to the chief minister to release rupees 20 crore for the development of district roads during next season. He regretted that a pre independent bridge at Nellihudikeri still not replaced. Though the work had begun, materials are wasted due to delay he said.

Arun machaiah opined that the funds and grants for the development of the district would be hit further if the Nanjudappa report is implemented. He ridiculed the report stating that it was unscientifically prepared not considering Kodagu as a Malnad zone.

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