Protests against smuggling of timber and improper vigilance.

THE MEMBERS OF Cauvery sene yesterday laid seize to the forest department at Shanivarsanthe and alleged that crores worth of forest wealth is being looted under their very nose.


Led by convener Ravi Chengappa, the protestors along with villagers rounded up the forst office and accused them of encouraging smuggling.

The protestors later took the press and villagers around Ankanahalli, Seegemarur, Bettadalli and few other places where rampant felling of trees was done. Dozens of stems stood witness to the cutting and looting by smugglers. They alleged that forest department is hand in glove with the looting and they allow smugglers cut and transport valuable trees.

The protestors alleged that the forest and police rapport in the border area is suffering, and it encourages smuggling.

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