Cattle Lifter Caputured.

Man Eater?
( Tigeress in the coffee estate.)


Madikeri Sept. 24

The  cattle lifting tigeress was captured by the forest department with the help of localities at Nanchi villkage near Kutta.

The tigeress was exactly captured at 7.30 P.M. yesterday while it was roaming in the estate of a planter Raja Thimmaiah at Nanachi village.The forest department got clue about the hiding of tigeress in the estate and its attempt to hunt a pet dog.. They confirmed it’s presence after hearing the roaring sound. They tied up the dog inside a cage and were cautiously watching the tigeress’s movements. But it did not helped them. At about 7.30 P.M. Dr. Nagaraj who came for the purpose succeeded in tranqulising the animal using a gun to shoot the medicine

A tigeress had killed a padestrian at Balele. It had hunted down many number of cows and buffaloes. It had attacked on a villager injuring him. Now, the localities feel safe after capturing the just 6 years old tiger in the area. But it is not sure,if the captured tigeress is the same one,which attacked humans in the region.

Forest officers Poovaiah,Chakrapani and the planter Bollera Chengappa had participated in the capture.

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  1. Machu

    Sadly the tigeress has died,while in mysore zoo.
    Maybe because of improper medical care or overdose of sedation. Our forest dept and zoo officials should have handled the situation better,but they couldn’t. What a sad story.

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