CHESCOM won’t “budge” nor does the power cut in kodagu. Say they will go ahead with the plan.

Despite the opposition posed from public against the installation of high tension wire line across Kodagu, the CHESCOM is determined to continue with the plan.

The managing director of the CHESCOM, Vijayanarasimha clarified on 5th Decemeber that the plan cannot be changed. He was addressing the gathering in the press club in a meet the press programme. Answering a query, he said that the High tension plan cannot be changed just like a high way plan cannot be changed budging to protests.

A high tension line is proposed from Kodagu to Kerala. People are protesting against it, including MLC Arun Machaiah. The protestors are arguing that the line will create environmental hazard in the western ghat region Flora and fauna will be affected.

Vijayanarasimha stated that people should join their hands in developmental activities. Even the forst department will not allow electric wires to pass through reserve forests, he said. He also informed that Karnataka will get around 1000 kilo watts of power after the scheme is over.

The MD assured that the vacant posts in the department in Kodagu will shortly be filled. He noted that the problems “arise in Kodagu since they cannot work for nearly five months due to continuous rainfall”.

Chief engineer Badiger, press club president H.T.Anil were present.

The officials were embarrassed as the audience started complaining about the erratic power cut. The power went off even when the officials were trying to convince them. Their attempt to find out the reason for the power cut failed as “their mobile calls were not answered”.

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