Kodagu Kerala’s Dustbin ?

Mysore, Dec. 18 – The Kutta Police in Kodagu district have filed cases against six lorries which attempted to dump waste in Kutta village.

According to delayed reports, the villagers found six lorries parked on the roadside emanating unbearable stink in September last. When asked, the lorry drivers told them that they had brought medical waste to dump elsewhere in Kodagu district.

As it was illegal, the Village Panchayat Chairman lodged a complaint with the Police about the alleged attempt to dump waste in Kodagu, which has many tourist places.

The Police seized the lorries and registered cases against them under Sections 269 and 270 of Indian Penal Code.

Later the owners got the lorries released through a court order.The case is pending in the court.

It may be mentioned here that the lorries from Kerala were dumping waste in Gundlupet taluk in Chamarajanagar district.
Double standard
Kerala seems to have adopted double standard in the matter of cleanliness and hygiene. While the Kerala Government has decided to punish those who spit in public places, is happily allowing its own lorries to pollute the places in Karnataka.
Coughing, spitting banned in Kerala
The Kerala Government has issued an order on Saturday banning coughing, spitting or blowing the nose in public, without adequately covering the face. The order is based on a High Court directive to ensure public health. Spit, mucus and phlegm throws several bacteria to cause various diseases. An awareness campaign would be launched soon and all heads of Government departments would be directed to enforce the order. Spitoons would be placed at various places to be strictly used when needed.

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