Madikeri my second home: Peter Watson.

MADIKERI: “Madikeri has become my second home,” says Peter Watson who visits Madikeri evey year, since 1983. Peter Watson who spoke to website shared his views about the country and people whom he loves with heart.

Peter Watson first visited India in 1980. In his 1983 visit he was introduced to C B Devaiah of Kodagu and was taken to Madikeri. Watson who was attracted to the eastern culture, developed some sort of attachment towards the place and started coming to Madiekri every mid November or December.

Watson, a teacher in UK for 12 years, is also a reputed theater artist and singer. He is known for his needle work, embroidery and collections of the stage costumes of the drama. Now in his 74s, Watson says, “Though I am aged, my mind is still in 24. And I want to know about everything”.

He adds, “When I get an opportunity, I use it. Do not be afraid of anything and let the things to happen, as nobody knows what will happen to one and when and why.”

He says people of Kodagu attracted him in their simplicity, hospitality and treating him as one of their family members. He has not noticed major changes in Kodagu except a few huge buildings coming up in the district and slight change in weather in last 23 years.

Watson still shy to media, keeps himself from busy schedule. He loves to read detective novels in his leisure after his retirement from the all engagements.

Watson, hails from Saffron Waldom in Essex of Southern England. Kodagu and its historic sites have found a place in his water-colour paintings. C B Devaiah is high on his opinion about Watson. “Peter is a great artist and painter. Due to his media shyness and simple nature, he does not care for publicity,” says Devaiah.

Devaiah recalled that a book published on Ainmane (the ancestral houses of Kodagu) where the publishers used the water color paintings of Watson. Devaiah adds that Peter Watson is a man of simple living with noble thinking. Like Devaiah, people who come across with Watson are all praise for this ‘old but young man of England’.

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