Kerala defies Supreme Court, starts work on Barapole dam.

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While farmers in Karnataka are upset with the Cauvery tribunal’s verdict, Kerala has already started work on a dam across Barapole river at the cost of Rs 50 crore.

Cauvery Sene office bearers took the media to the spot to show evidence of Kerala government’s „violation” of the Surpeme Court directions of November 15, 2006, which says no work should be taken which damages the ecology and wildlife in the forest area.

Baraploe enters Kerala through thick forests of Kodagu and if the dam comes up, a vast area of forest in Kodagu will be submerged. The proposed dam, which will be 180 feet high and 15 feet wide, is expected to generate 21 MW of power. The office of the Barapole Power Project is situated in Iyyankunnu village panchayat of Thalassery taluk of Kerala state.

Conveners of Cauvery Sene, Ravi Chengappa and Ratna Karumbaiah giving details about the project, said the Karnataka government was sleeping over this issue.

It was also reported that a forest official from Brahmagiri wild life area had objected to the dam but work is in progress.Chengappa and Karumbaiah said if the Karnataka government did not take immediate action, Cauvery Sene will appeal to the Supreme Court and environmentalists will also start an agitation in Kodagu to stop the work.

The Coorg Wild Life Society has approached the Supreme Court through the Central Empowerment Committee and brought a stay on the work. When contacted, president Coorg Wild Life Society, retired Colonel CP Muthanna said he is aware of things going on in that area and wrote to the forest department.

He said he will also inform his advocate to prepare papers to approach the Central Empowering Committee (CEC) and see that the work is stopped immediately.

He also said the Kerala government was instructed by the CEC to avoid submersion and limit the height of the dam but from information available, it seems these guidelines are being violated.

4 thoughts on “Kerala defies Supreme Court, starts work on Barapole dam.

  1. m p ganapathy

    I strongly oppose n condem barapoledam to generate 21 mw power there are other ways, by doing wind power projet .our govt should take intst istead of doing barapoledam ,construct checkdams for all the south kodagu rivers to every four build under water development and sake of poor agricultures and avoide submerge,greenary,prestegious dist inthe country

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  2. Manoj Padman

    Am a keralite from kannur born n bought up in pollibetta, regarding constructing the dam at barapole by kerala government should be stopped and its danger to the natural serene of coorg. Kerala has got 44 big n small rivers flowing still scarcity of water are there in many areas, becoz the government dont want to look after the people and just want to make their own pocket bigger n bigger, My support will be there with the coorgi people all times to stop constructing Barapole dam and endangering the wild life and natural beauty of coorg.

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  3. Tuskerwoods

    Hi, i think the agitation is the best way to bring in the babus at the fore front and as it is there’s been enough damage to the ecology and the environment of coorg
    think its time for us to hit the roads against the damned dam….

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