Coorg to face more economic hardship

According to the latest Licht’s International Coffee Report,

In Coorg  rising temperatures and reduced rainfall would have a detrimental impact due to a drop in the number of bees to fertilize the trees and an increased threat from a destructive pest, white stem borer.

This summer has been one of the hottest summers coorg has ever felt.

The report further states, “Few now doubt that global warming is going to present the world’s coffee growers with a big challenge in the years to come,……Whether or not some coffee regions eventually fade away is anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain — coffee farmers by and large are a tenacious breed because often enough they have no other viable sources of earning a living,”

It noted a United Nations Environment Program research project in Uganda, for instance, had concluded that a rise in temperatures of about 2 degrees Celsius would mean a “dramatic” reduction in the coffee growing area with producers moving to higher regions where there is less suitable land.

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  1. Babu

    See….. here we have to follow the lord krishan’s Bhagvathgitha,s saying, whetever is happening its happend whatever is going to happend its going to happend (Its Continues) But at least rectify our faults and solve the problem through wise steps like planting trees and maintain plastic free zones and maintain water harvesting procedures. atleast genertaion people will be safe!

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