Kodagu Superintendent of Police recommends Govt to cancel gun license exemption provided to Kodavas

MADIKERI: MLC C S Arun Machaiah discloses the move of the Kodagu Police Superintendent, K V Trilok Chandra (in pic ),K V THRILOK CHANDRA who recommended the state government to cancel the gun license exemption given to the Kodava community in the district.

The MLC, who took part at a Kail-Poldu festival get-together conducted by the Dechoor Kodava Keri at the Kodava Samaja here on Sunday, said that the district was already reeling under various problems and the SP’s recommendation would attract another problem. He urged the SP to withhold the recommendation for a time being to avoid any confusions.

He said that in Kodava community, the use of gun, sickle and other weapons had their own place in its tradition and culture and people would not use such weapons for any anti-social activities, he added.

Madikeri Kodava Samaja president MM Suresh Chengappa and others spoke on the occasion.

Sports and entertainment programmes were held as part of the get-together.

Update: The SP, Mr.Thrilok Chandra has clarified that there is no such move.
On Oct 10th, he said that there is no truth in the statement made by MLC C S Arun Machaiah that “the district police are contemplating to cancel the licenses of Jamma bane holders.” “The MLC would have received wrong information from some source,” the SP said and added that “the rule that checking gun and the license by the police existed since many years and it is part of Gun Act. Prevention of illegal guns and arms is the reason behind such a move.”

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34 thoughts on “Kodagu Superintendent of Police recommends Govt to cancel gun license exemption provided to Kodavas

  1. Machu

    Why would the SP do such a thing? Are we naxalites?. Are we selling our guns to naxalites? Which naxalite will buy a single or a double barrel gun? :em28: I am unsure about the cause behind the SP’s recommendation, i don’t see anything justifiable. No Government or SP has a right to deprive a community of their traditional and cultural right. Its like meddling with the religious belief of a community. Guns have been treated like Gods among the Kodavas, for long. We don’t flaunt or misuse our weapons. We worship them. The SP needs to be educated about that.

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  2. K.M. Ravi

    Mr.Thrilok Chandra is an educated and successful man. He passed the UPSC Civil Service Examination in 2003. He opted for karnataka as cadre allocation and was allocated the same on 2006. He is also an alumni of SVP Police Academy,Hyderabad. Interestingly, Mr.Thrilok studied in the prestigious Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala(srkvs.org) from 1989-1994, the same school seems to be a favourite among Kodava parents to send their children in mysore. He seems to have been in the same batch with other kodava youngsters during the period, he must have or had Kodava friends. Maybe they did not invite him for Kail Pould festival. I am baffled at his recommendation to the govt.

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  3. Guru Nanaiah

    After all what right’s has he got to speak about we kodavas…?? This is an insult to we pepole. He should be charged for doing this. What does he know about we kodavas….?? this is utter bull shit.

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  4. Caryappa

    I believe SP in Kodagu is thrilled by his calm, quiet and tranquil jurisdiction which has motivated him to devise new rules and recommendations.

    That is a good sign of the SP’s intellect AND also KODAVA’S TRANQUILITY. But the man needs a more creative thinking, I dare say!

    Also, the SP can first get in more police force to prevent the “Kapi Kallanga” before he recommends Gun License exemption ban.

    Mayb, we can suggest this SP to recommend Kodavas for job opportunities and place in Indian Hockey.

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  5. Biddappa Cheppanda

    Must say, we Kodavas are always at the receiving end, I think we need to take some steps if the news is confirmed that SP has asked for cancellation. If we work as a group or protest (if the news is confirmed) as a group , come up with a petition stating that it is our tradition and we arr not misusing the same, it should work wonders. Probably we have some good Kodava Lawyers who can throw more light on the same and help us save our tradition. What say ppl?

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  6. Suraj

    We need to try and transfer this person to a place where guns are used for Unnecessary destructions, like a place where there are lot of naxalites… Lets work on this. However Coorg is a peaceful place and he may not be finding any challenges and hence he brings up all these. Empty brain you see…

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  7. Suresh

    I can’t believe this!! If it’s true, I would say: Yo SP, don’t even think about it…( Comment Edited: Admin ).

    After all you are supposed to be a public servant and we the public are your masters. If you cannot respect our culture and traditions, you cannot be our servant.

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  8. admin Post author

    Criticism, sarcasm & humor based comments are entertained, but please refrain from any direct verbal attacks for the SP. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I have edited or deleted comments which are offensive in nature.

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  9. kcachaiah

    Mr Thrilok, can we know what prompted you to take this unruly decision? am sure u have your point of view too.

    but, remember that u r blessed to be in command of a place that is the envy of many. please dont misuse the opportunity to try these acts if grabbing headlines is your aim.

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  10. Divya Dechamma

    No one has the right to cancel the licence of the guns or any other weapons which are part of the traditional culture of kodavas………….. this is a very serious matter…….. after the dispute of Bane land now this dispute have arised………….. Better you be away form kodava culture and kodavas.

    (Comment Edited: Admin)

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  11. Adengada Dechamma

    I dont understand what is the problem of these politicians and policeman…. no one has the right to cancel the license. Has anyone thought the consequences…. think a million times about this topic and also think about the last dispute, about the bane land consequences.

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  12. Anil Appanna


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  13. Shammi Madaiah

    Gun is our Birth right…No Body can cancel it…
    And Mr Trilok just tell me what do you do on your normal day at work…
    Probably you go to office by 11 AM, sit for a while,then probably have coffee… and probably attend a meeting(a chat with good for nothing officers) then lunch, meet your under Officer’s… correct???? and by 5pm you would go home right????
    Then continue doing that why you have to worry about our Guns. Hope your gun(Service Pistol)is safe… think about this….

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  14. Aiyanna N.K

    First we were robbed of our Statehood. Then they took away the MP Seat which was shared with Mangalore.
    Then they wanted to take away the Jamma Bane land &
    now this ……….
    Is the Govt pursing the us to such an extreme, to just rob us of our identity?
    Please do not try to change the rights of a community and the laws of the land :em12: :em40:

    (Comment Edited: Admin)

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  15. Baba Poonacha Mukkatira

    Dear SP saab,
    Please understand this is not bihar or UP. There is a culture behind holding guns and weapons among Kodavas. We are not arms suppliers to any naxalite or underworld.What will they do with a SBBL when they can get sophistcated AK’s ?
    Please do not try to hurt the sentiments of a peace loving community.

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  16. s. machaiah

    All govts after 1956, have taken the Indeginious communities of Kodagu for a ride. The people of Kodagu are of a different breed.Kindly look at them & their life styles. Its a shame that all govts look at their Ethnic Cleansing.This has to be reported to the UN minoritys commission. Can all politicial representatives from Kodagu, leave their petty politics & ask for a seperate identity for all the communities in Kodagu.

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  17. Mandy

    Hey Guys, not withstanding the clarifying!?statement from the SP where the tune is now changed to the usual last resort.. Rules and Regulations..Blah… Blah…. Blah…..

    As one of our friend’s has rightly pointed out that, first they took away our statehood, secondly they snatched our M.P seat and merged with M’lore, after that the Jamma Bane Land episode and now pointing at our only defensive means!!! This is ridiculous…..
    Some one is out there planning day in and out to strip Kodavas of their every basic rights so that they can play their foul tricks with our rich land,culture & everything ( I Mean a lot by saying everything )

    It has now reached its limit. Lets join hands and show what we are and capable of. Set up such a example, that next time anyone who wants to comment on anything pertaining to a Kodava or Kodagu, will think a hundred times before he dare to speak.

    Lets think on any one way of setting an example… Gandhigiri – The Munna Bhai Way? Or ??

    Pleased to have your comments….

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  18. Kuttanda Shyam(pollibetta)

    :em68: this right is one which came down on us since ages .why does the govt disrespect a community tradition and culture..we need more kodavas in active politics for upholding the pride of coorg.The govt also have to keep in mind coorgs are a peace loving community.

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  19. Santhosh

    People, this issuea was simply raised by MLC arun machiah to make ppl loose confidence over an strict police officer Mr. Trilok Chandra IPS. He has given a feedback statement of MLC’s false statement that he has not made such a recommendation to Govt. Even he knows its an stupid move to do so.So pls don’t get excited with out knowing the matter guys!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. tuskerwoods

    Hey seems like santosh says it right pls put this to rest all of coorg and pls get on with more urgent things like roads and power…
    Hope my friends also drinve in and live here everyday to know the reality….

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