The Forest Dept and Timber Mafia Party busted


If we thought the threat to rape Coorg forests is only from the Mafia, we must have been day dreaming. Some of our very own, who are there to protect the forests of Coorg were caught red handed colluding with the Timber Mafia. And they are not some small fish.

The DCF ( Deputy Conservator of Forests ) H C Kantharaj, ACF ( Assistant Conservators of Forest ) Alexander MF and Cariappa, plus the Ranger Forest Officer (RFO) C K Muthanna were caught playing ball with the Timber Mafia. Serving the timber to the Mafia on a platter, at throwaway prices.

The Lokayukta slueths caught them red-handed with Rs. 2,49,000 of unaccounted cash.

One thought on “The Forest Dept and Timber Mafia Party busted

  1. Devaiah

    They deserved it. If found guilty, they all should be immediately suspended and jailed. We cannot afford these kind of people running the show to protecting the forests of Coorg.

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