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Coorg/Kodagu Agricultural News

Orange Scam hits Coorg

MLC M.C.Nanaiah and former MLC A.K.Subbaiah have pointed out that the governor would be updated shortly with the issue of Nagpur variety of Oranges samplings being
distributed in the district. The issue has already snowballed into a controversy cum possible scam.

NGO’s had previously taken up the issue of the Nagpur Orange samplings being distributed in the disctrict, stating ” the species is not sutiable for cultivation due to the soil and Coorg weather”. They even accused the BJP of underhand dealings in distribution of the samplings.

This time inturn the MLC and Mr.A.K.Subbaiah have accused the BJP and the Deputy Speaker and MLC from Virajpet K.G.Bopaiah of side stepping the issue.
They also accused the MLA of being hand in gloves with the Timber Mafia.


“Kodagu(Coorg) is our motherland and it should be protected now before it is too late.” This was the resolve of the Kodavas for the conservation of Kodagu, the source of Cauvery river.

The leaders of Cauvery Sene, environmentalists and the prominent citizens exchanged views on the steps to be taken for the conservation of Cauvery River Basin at an interaction and awareness meet organised by Kodava Samaja at Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa Community Hall in Vijayanagar yesterday.

Nature lover and an engineer by profession, M.N. Appaiah said that forests in Kodagu are fast diminishing and expressed fears of an adverse impact on the catchment area of Cauvery river.

The water sources in Gangotri, the birth place of river Ganga too, are facing threat because of deforestation. Even US researchers have expressed concern over the danger. Deforestation has led to global warming, Appaiah said.

It has caused melting of snow in Gangotri thus threatening Gangotri’s water base. Similarly, deforestation is going on in Kodagu at a fast pace and this has posed a grave threat to Cauvery river basin, Appaiah explained.

Original inhabitants

Coorg Wildlife Society President Col. C.P. Muthanna (retd.), in his power-point presentation, said that the

number of Kodagu’s original inhabitants is rapidly on the decline and instead Keralites are settling down in Kodagu in large numbers. Timber mafia of Kerala is eating away Kodagu’s forests and there is no doubt that Kodagu will become another Kerala if the situation continued

, he warned.

Kodagu is faced with twin threats of deforestation and Keralisation. Hence it has become absolutely necessary for Kodavas to be united to face these threats. Kodagu is our motherland, he said and called upon everyone to protect it at least now.

He urged the Kodavas and the original inhabitants numbering about 24 to purchase land in Kodagu and discourage outsiders from buying land for commercial purpose.

Observing that illegal sand mining in Cauvery basin is another big problem that Kodagu was facing, Col. Muthanna said this also contributed to deforestation and drying up of Cauvery basin causing ecological imbalance.

Outlining the major problems that Kodagu was facing, Col. Muthanna said that rampant encroachment of forest land, opening of teak plantation, illegal entry to Kodagu by outsiders who encroach on government land, conversion of forest land for habitation, conversion of agricultural land in a large scale for commercial and residential purposes were the major problems faced by Kodagu today.

The deforestation in Cauvery catchment areas has gone out of control as illegal residential layouts and holiday resorts are mushrooming in the name of tourism, he added expressing concern that this was the main reason for the low rainfall this year.

Cauvery Sene Convenor K.A. Ravi Chengappa, who spoke, said that Cauvery Sene is relentlessly fighting against deforestation and illegal mining in Kodagu. Severe protests led to the stopping of Barapole project and currently an agitation is being carried on against the setting up of a power generation project in Abbe Falls. About 40 per cent of Madikeri will be lost if this project comes up. A PIL has been filed in the Court against the setting up of Abbe Falls and Irupu Falls Hydro-electric power generation projects, he said.

It may be recalled here that when Gundu Rao was the Chief Minister some timber merchants had the audacity to retort that soon they would make Kodagu forest a football ground.

About 500 people attended the meeting yesterday.

How to save Coorg.

• Prevent illegal encroachment.
• Prevent deforestation.
• Ban illegal sand mining in Cauvery river basin.
• Prevent Keralisation of Kodagu by Kerala migrants.
• Implement the concept of Greater Talacauvery Wildlife
• Ban felling of trees in Pushpagiri, Talacauvery, Brahmagiri Wildlife Parks.
• Prevent urbanisation of Kodagu.
• Halt conversion of agricultural land for commercial and other purposes.

Kodagu Superintendent of Police recommends Govt to cancel gun license exemption provided to Kodavas

MADIKERI: MLC C S Arun Machaiah discloses the move of the Kodagu Police Superintendent, K V Trilok Chandra (in pic ),K V THRILOK CHANDRA who recommended the state government to cancel the gun license exemption given to the Kodava community in the district.

The MLC, who took part at a Kail-Poldu festival get-together conducted by the Dechoor Kodava Keri at the Kodava Samaja here on Sunday, said that the district was already reeling under various problems and the SP’s recommendation would attract another problem. He urged the SP to withhold the recommendation for a time being to avoid any confusions.

He said that in Kodava community, the use of gun, sickle and other weapons had their own place in its tradition and culture and people would not use such weapons for any anti-social activities, he added.

Madikeri Kodava Samaja president MM Suresh Chengappa and others spoke on the occasion.

Sports and entertainment programmes were held as part of the get-together.

Update: The SP, Mr.Thrilok Chandra has clarified that there is no such move.
On Oct 10th, he said that there is no truth in the statement made by MLC C S Arun Machaiah that “the district police are contemplating to cancel the licenses of Jamma bane holders.” “The MLC would have received wrong information from some source,” the SP said and added that “the rule that checking gun and the license by the police existed since many years and it is part of Gun Act. Prevention of illegal guns and arms is the reason behind such a move.”

———Special thanks to Cariz of, for bringing it to our notice.———–

Fake greens create land mafia in Kodagu: Cauvery Sena

Madikeri, May 16 (Star of Mysore)- Few fake environmentalists on the pretext of conserving the ground water reserve in Kodagu are trying to establish a land mafia, alleged Ravi Chengappa, District Convenor of Cauvery Sena.
Addressing press persons at the Press Club here, Chengappa warned the land owners not to fall prey to the fake environmentalists.
When a reporter drew his attention to a Minister coming forward to buy a coffee estate in Kodagu, Chengappa observed that the reason behind land in Kodagu falling in the hands of outsiders is the handiwork of the fake environmentalists who have created a mafia. The local land owners are being brainwashed and they are coaxed to part with their lands. On the pretext of environmental protection, the so- called environmentalists shed crocodile tears too, he observed.
Fake institutions
There is a threat for the basic lifestyle of Kodavas. Few fake Nursing Schools too have cropped up. The students too are being hoodwinked and lot of money is being shelled out. If stern action is not initiated against such fake institutions within a fortnight, the Sena will launch a protest, warned Chengappa.
He urged to institute a high level inquiry into the case of distribution of fake title deeds in Somawarpet and punish the guilty.
Sena Treasurer Ratan Kuttaiah and City Sena President G.G. Chandra were present

Kodagu Jamma land: CM blames Congress

Bangalore, May 15 (Star of Mysore)- Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy today launched a sca-thing attack on the Congress, holding it responsible for the Jamma bane land crisis in Kodagu.
Talking to media persons after a meeting with top officials and people’s representatives, the Chief Minister fumed at the Congress leaders for dubbing him ‘helpless’ in solving the Jamma crisis.
“People in Kodagu were enjoying rights over Jamma lands since generations. It was the same Congress politicians who snatched away their rights, formulating rules, sitting in AC rooms,” Kumaraswamy said and remarked that the same Congress leaders had now started giving free advice to him.
Kumaraswamy said that he would hold a meeting with Revenue and Forest Department officials tomorrow to find a solution to the problem.
Kodagu District in-charge Minister Ramachandregowda, MLA K.G. Bopaiah, MLC Arun Machaiah, Kodagu Zilla Panchayat President H.S. Ashok, member Manu Muthappa, District BJP General Secretary Ravi Kushalappa, Madikeri Taluk BJP President Bellu Somaiah, General Secretary Ravi Basappa and Taluk Panchayat President T.A. Kishore Kumar attended the meeting. Two other MLAs from Kodagu — Basavaraj and B.A. Jeevijaya — did not attend.
Though the burning issue still exists without any remedy from the Government, another circular issued by the State Revenue Under Secretary Ishwar Naik has created chaos in the Kodagu co-operative banking sector especially, the primary land development banks.
The circular again confirms that the Jamma lands of Kodagu belong to the Government. The banks are ordered not to provide loans to any Jamma land holder in the district.
The circular was sent to the Deputy Commissioner and all the Revenue Officers in the district. The revenue authorities instructed all the co-operative banks not to release loans to the Jamma holders.
More than Rs. 2 crore worth transaction becomes standstill without the disbursement of loans, especially in the three PLD banks in three taluks.
The circular has the name of Revenue Minister Jagadish Shettar, but is not signed by him. The signature clearly reveals the name of the Under Secretary Ishwar Naik.