Orange Scam hits Coorg

MLC M.C.Nanaiah and former MLC A.K.Subbaiah have pointed out that the governor would be updated shortly with the issue of Nagpur variety of Oranges samplings being
distributed in the district. The issue has already snowballed into a controversy cum possible scam.

NGO’s had previously taken up the issue of the Nagpur Orange samplings being distributed in the disctrict, stating ” the species is not sutiable for cultivation due to the soil and Coorg weather”. They even accused the BJP of underhand dealings in distribution of the samplings.

This time inturn the MLC and Mr.A.K.Subbaiah have accused the BJP and the Deputy Speaker and MLC from Virajpet K.G.Bopaiah of side stepping the issue.
They also accused the MLA of being hand in gloves with the Timber Mafia.

Indian Railways & Karnataka Tourism Department in love with Coorg Traditional Attire.

The male waiters of The Golden Chariot to serve the guests in Kuppya and Chele, Coorg Style ?.

What next? Female attendants in Coorg Saree ?


But any Coorg(Kodava) is not going to like this one for sure. The Kuppya and Chele are sacrosanct to the Kodava People..

The Karnataka Tourism Department or the Indian Railways seem not to know about it.
What are the Kodava Community doing about this?. Seems the information has not reached Kodagu yet.

C B Muthamma passes away

Chonira Belliappa Muthamma, the First women IFS ( India Foreign Service ) Officer passed away in Bangalore on Wednesday. She was 85.

Born at Virajpet in Coorg on Jan 24, 1929, she was the first women to appear for the Indian Civil services examination in 1948. She joined the Foreign Service in 1949.

She took the ministry of external affairs to court for discriminating against women in the service and not being promoted to the Foreign Secretary post.

Though the case was dismissed, the court noted that there was indeed discrimination against women in the service .

Looking back on her tenure in IFS, she wrote in a book;

Looking back, I cannot help but conclude that my tenure with the external affairs ministry was one long tussle
with the anti-women bias.

The Forest Dept and Timber Mafia Party busted


If we thought the threat to rape Coorg forests is only from the Mafia, we must have been day dreaming. Some of our very own, who are there to protect the forests of Coorg were caught red handed colluding with the Timber Mafia. And they are not some small fish.

The DCF ( Deputy Conservator of Forests ) H C Kantharaj, ACF ( Assistant Conservators of Forest ) Alexander MF and Cariappa, plus the Ranger Forest Officer (RFO) C K Muthanna were caught playing ball with the Timber Mafia. Serving the timber to the Mafia on a platter, at throwaway prices.

The Lokayukta slueths caught them red-handed with Rs. 2,49,000 of unaccounted cash.

Kodagu BJP goes after NGO’s


Cauvery Sene and few other NGO’s are the receiving end of BJP’s anger, after the sene alleged that bribe had exchanged hands in the Nagpur Variety of Oranges being distrubed in Coorg by the Horticulture Department.

The BJP even threathed Cauvery Sene and Other NGO’s “with severe action” if they do not stop opposing development activities in Coorg.

Is BJP referring to Barapole, PowerGrid and likewise projects in Coorg ?

BJP itself once opposed such projects. The U-Turn has been quick after winning the elections.

M.B.Devaiah, BJP spokesman, accused the NGO’s of unnecessarily raising objections to development activities and of throwing false allegations against the MLA from Virajpet cum Deputy Speaker K.G.Bopaiah.